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"Q" for "Queen: The movie"

Cast:Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Haydon and Rajkummar Rao  
 Director: Vikas Bahl 
Spoilers Ahead

This is again not the review of the movie Queen. This post is to say how much I am awed after watching it. I am so impressed by the movie that even before it ended I decided I will watch it again :)

The plus point of Queen is it is not a cliched bollywood movie. The story is straight to the point and there is no dump of over emotions. I lovvvvvved Kanganna Ranaut's role and the way she executed it. She surely became the queen of the hearts with this movie. The story starts with happening pre-wedding celebrations followed by the heartbreak as the groom rejects Rani uraf Kanganna saying she is not his type as he came back from London and needs a "modern" girl and the criteria of modernity are not met by our Rani. The movie keeps you focused from the first frame where she keeps talking to her self. While every one else is busily practicing the dance for the Sangeet function or occupied in other chores related to wedding our rani keeps murmuring to herself something like this , " Why didn't mom wear a new saree yet? May be she is busy." "My friends told that papa decorated his sweet shop like the shop itself is the bride." "OMG. Day after tomorrow will be my first night. If all goes well I will go to temple." On hearing this you can't  resist smiling and loving Rani from the opening scene.
Different moods of Kanganna in Queen
After getting rejected she first locks her self in her room but by the next dawn she decides that she will go to her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam all alone. Her parents agree to this daring step being taken by their daughter due to an inkling of hope that she may recover from the pain! They part at airport with her mom crying endlessly and with Rani who is not sure about the decision she took!

The real story starts at this juncture. You should go and watch the movie to see what all hardships Rani faces and how she goes out of her comfort zone and makes new friends. She meets Vijaya Lakshmi who is bold , beautiful and carefree. She teaches Rani to be happy at any cost. Rani breaks-free in this trip and experiences so many things for the first time- like drinking , wearing modern dresses, partying and above all smiling and living life to the fullest. She will make you laugh till your stomach hurts and you also may shed a tear if you are emotional! After Paris she goes to Amsterdam and she lands in a situation where she has to share room with three guys Taka, Tim and Oleksander. Eventually the four become great friends and bond effortlessly. Many scenes from Amsterdam are how-llarious :) . The scene where the handsome French restaurant owner argues with Kanganna as she asks garlic, salt and spices to make the food taste Indian like will leave you in splits! All the episodes from Paris and Amsterdam will be etched in your memory and you will love this girl Rani more and more with each frame.

In the end she is a new Rani and gracefully ends the relationship even if her fiancee comes back to her. This is the movie which doesn't rub feminism on your face but subtly gives the message which is highly needed! Do not miss watching queen because it is just flawless. It is like that tasty coffee which will relieve you from headache the monotonous movies :-) . I am going to watch it again!
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Some memorable scenes:

1.) The scene where she gets drunk and speaks her heart out with Vijaya Lakshmi. I just wanted to hug her here.

2.) The video chat with her parents when Vijaya Lakshmi accidentally talks to them :)

3.) Her strength when she tries to escape from a thief who snatches her handbag.

4.) The gol-gappa wala scene where she sells Indian Pani puri and it becomes a big hit.

5.) Her shopping in the Sex-shop of Amsterdam which will again make you LOL

 There are many more scenes which will lead to guffaws :)Three cheers to Vikas Bahl and the entire cast and crew. Amit Trivedi's music just fits the story. A huge round of applause to Kanganna who is the shining star of the movie. Her emotions, expressions , innocence and her dialogues will always stay with you! If  Geet of Jab we met created history, Rani just glorified the history of cinema  :)

Movie Trailer:
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Friday, April 18, 2014

"P" for "Poetry/ Poem of Love"

I love poems as they can be instantly felt. For today I am sharing a poem I wrote years back. It may sound silly as I was veryyyy young when I wrote this ;)
Image source : here

Are you in Love??

When everything around you starts seeming bright
When you feel what all you do is right
When you feel in your eyes a sparkle of light
When you feel everything is colorful,yet you lose your sight!

Is that Love?!

When you feel all alone in a group
When you feel active only when he is in loop
That every second you miss him
That every second you look at him

Is that love?!

When you try getting his attention
When you speak with pretension
When he says it is wrong,your pursuit to rectify
When his single glance makes you petrify!

Are you in love?!

The pain you feel when he is away
The joy you feel when he comes and you sway
The colorful dressing and the concentration on looks
You always want to get in to his good books!

Are you in love?!

Why do you smile so much hiding your shiver?
Will you suppress your feelings and bear the pain forever?
How can you hide so long, the fervor!?
You need to tell him. It is now or never!

You are indeed in love!

Many say love is the mind’s play
Makes you mad, makes you happy and makes you fray!
I say, love is the music of the heart
It shows dreams and plays loud with every single beat!

“Yes. You are in Love!”

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

"O" for "Old is Gold"

Today my mom adorns my blog to express how she feels about her childhood days. Like every one she feels old is gold and just speaks randomly and writes down for me as I am feeling the heat of the challenge. I was badly in need of guest authors but I can't ask any one to write for me as  I have never done that before. So finally my mom came to my rescue as always. She thinks blogging is uber-cool and wants to start one for herself. After this challenge my plan is to teach the basics of blogging to her.

My mom Haseena Banu is an Iron woman. I know every one feel the same about their moms but I feel that she is extremely strong even when I don't watch her from a daughter's perspective. She is hyperactive at the age of 54 even if she has a recurring knee joint problem which gets too painful sometimes.  Her arts and crafts are mindblowing. Our house is filled with sand paintings, nib paintings and flower vases made by her. She also knows stitching. These days due to health issues she is not stitching much but in my school days what ever I used to wear was made by mom. She was talk of my school due to her beautiful hand-work on dresses and sarees. She used to write random poems and lines in the last pages of notebooks just like we all do. I feel she gave me the blogging genes and that's why I want her to start a blog!

With out much ado giving the pen or rather microphone to my mom to speak :)

"Past is a place to visit but not to stay which everyone say but some times to me it is tough to go and come back from the past. I get lost in memories and the lifestyle of those days which kids of these days can't even imagine as a possibility. If we compare the present life and ways to that of 40 years ago, there is a tremendous change in many aspects. We used to walk to our schools and colleges even if they were located miles away from home. Depending on public transport was a rare scenario. There were days when I used to cross rivers/ canals to reach school. Rickshaw was meant for emergencies. In those days we were not in a situation to afford all the luxuries but the plus point of this was, as we walked regularly there was no specific need of exercise, workout etc. We never had diet restrictions or faced health hazards. But today as you all know the scenario is different. Every corner of the street has a gym but kids are so busy and stay so stressed and tensed that they don't get plenty of time to work out and the health issues they get just puzzle me. People whose age ranges from 25-30 are also getting heart ailments :(

By traveling more in to past say 60s and early 70s I recollect that there was only a single portable fan in our house. In those days ceiling fan is a rarity too. We were seven members at home, five children along with parents. We used to sleep on the terrace below the starry sky all through the summer.There were no mosquitoes. Yes, we never saw a mosquito during my childhood. We used to arrange our beds well in advance say 4-5 hours before sleep and by the time we called it night the beds used to become cool and comfortable due to the cool breeze from all the near by trees. On moon-lit days the pleasure was double. It was magical to sleep under the thick blanket of moon and stars. After 45 years even if we have A.C. at home I never feel the similar kind of comfort. Today how much ever I spend I cannot buy that pleasure and that bliss. Today if we try and sleep in open air , mosquitoes will keep you awake whole night and the air is not so clean and cool!
Image source : here Radio- The only source of entertainment and fun at homes during 1960s in India
Coming to the point of entertainment there used to be a big Radio in our house and we kids, my sisters and brother used to fight for our favorite radio station to be tuned. Radio-Ceylon was the famous station those days for songs and the broadcast was just for a limited time span during the day. Today FM radio operates 24*7. After some years, may be during my graduation days, we bought tape recorder in which we used to hear recorded songs in cassettes. Music companies and launches was something new to us then. Slowly we progressed to TV, Computer, gadgets Ipods, tabs , Iphones and the world is in our wrists. A single mobile serves many functions today. When luxury was a luxury we used to crave for it. When luxury became a commodity we always crave for something new and keep on inventing new versions and soft wares to run the fast pace of lives and to please and to entertain ourselves. The search to satisfy our soul never ends:)

The progress is worth applause and my daughter would love to contradict me when I say technology has helped a lot. To some extent I agree. One best invention is "internet" using which people talk to each other irrespective of their location and using blogs , you write and know the like minded people. The progress has its pros and cons. My only message is don't misuse the technology . Use it for your own welfare and just use it . Don't get used by it!"

I want to conclude by saying that "Old is gold" and new becomes old on one fine day, so preserve the new and use it properly so that you memorize it fondly in forthcoming days, the way I am memorizing it today!"

Thanks for reading me :)

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Golden pics- My Bful mom in the first pic and she is with her college mates in the second pic
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