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God is a Gamer - Review

Title : God is a Gamer
Author : Ravi Subramanian
Number of Pages : 310
Genre: Thriller
Publisher : Penguin Books India

God is a gamer is the first book by Ravi Subramanian which I read and I must say I am impressed. I don't read many books of this genre specially written by Indian authors but this one took me by surprise. Ravi truly felt like the John Grisham of banking. All in all the book is good and I wish Ravi comes up with many more interesting plots in future and entertains his readers. My detailed review is below.

Story line , characters and my Review:

The story starts with two big shots 
Vijay Banga, President of Mastercard International and Joseph Saunders, the CEO of Visa International discussing business and the amendments , profits and the losses, followed by the mysterious murder of Gillian Tan. Initially when the characters get introduced one by one it gets tough to connect the dots but slowly as the story gets unfolded one can put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle. The episodes happening in Newyork , Mumbai and Goa seem disconnected but by the end of it it everything makes sense. The element of surprise and the essence of suspense are intact in the story. The central plot of the story is based on author's creation of "Bit coins" which is the virtual currency and can revolutionize the world. Like pros and cons of every great invention, this has loop holes too and gives scope for illegal activities. The chance to hide one's identity is like a boon to the criminals and helps them to do money transactions using bitcoin wallets and private keys easily which other wise would be tough.

I am truly amazed by the author's imagination here. The technical jargon he used is not that tough as I am aware of banking and computing. It increased my knowledge and I learnt many new things. Kudos to the research he has done to pen down various aspects of the entire plot. He explored the gaming business, made us aware of the fact- how dangerous phishing can be, made us aware of many nuances of banking and much more. As the story picks pace two more murders happen and open the can of worms for Tanya who is the daughter of Malavika. The entire plot is about connecting the dots - Gillian Tan's murder , the murders in India, the illegal businesses handled by "Cotton Trail" so on so forth. The book definitely kept me glued. I rarely read this genre and the story for sure didn't disappoint me.

Characters and things I liked: I loved the character Aditya Rao the founder of eTIOS and Indispace (the gaming company). His passion , perseverance and his desire to stick to ethics is inspiring. I liked Varun's quick witted brain. I liked the way the author tried to strike the chords of almost all who use social media (Facebook) and who play games. Knowing how the gaming business works was the most interesting part to me. The various episodes which seem haphazard are seamlessly blended once the mystery gets resolved.The "Bitcoin" idea was fresh and innovative.  I loved the cover page with a Bit coin symbol and the silhouette of a man. It is stylish. The title is apt too.  The ending was a surprise which gets disclosed once Kabir Khan and Adrian Scott assemble every one to interrogate. It was not that easy to guess who the actual culprit was! Most of the characters portrayed felt realistic.

Few minuses : 

  • There are few stories and episodes which definitely were needed but were not connected strongly to the actual plot and hence got compromised but I was willing to know more :) 
  • Even if it kept me glued there was too much to take in and the pace of the book slowed down after completing almost half of it.
  • Few dialogues and descriptions of few characters seemed repetitive.
  • There are 2-3 words which were spelled wrong but you will observe them only if you have a keen eye to find mistakes :)
Other than these ultra minor glitches which can almost be ignored, I loved the book, the plot and the fresh feeling I got after reading few crap books penned down by any one and every one these days. My rating would be 3.5/ 5. If bollywood has guts the film makers should try making a movie of this book by executing it correctly. It would be wonderful to watch the movie adaption!  All the best to the author Ravi Subramanian. I will definitely try reading his other books starting with Bankster first as I already own it. Thank you Blogadda for sending a good book to review :) 

Icing on the cake is the author signed copy I own now !! Thank You :- )
:) :)

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Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Face Behind the Mask"

It is tough to guess the face behind the mask.
It is tough to guess all the details of its planned task.
But it eventually shows up as it rots and gets visible to all.
It digs its own grave and plans its downfall!

How I wish the hidden face had no powers over other's mind.

How I wish I had a super power to unleash the thoughts behind.
How I wish I was strong enough to tackle the evil deeds.
How I wish I never had to bend to others' needs!

How I wish I could rewrite few chapters of life.

How I wish I could use the face behind my mask just like a knife.
To think of harm and plan it meticulously with a smile on face always plastered.
To be sweet and then bite behind the back is an act which can't be easily mastered!!

It is true that straight trees and honest people are cut first.

But why do dishonest and false people stay strong even after losing the trust?
Why does it always take time to heal and to do what one must?
Why can't one be always clever enough to make their acts just!!
Image source : here

It is OK for you to wear a mask in order to re-surface other's actual face.

It is OK to wile a smile to walk out of the carefully planned maze.
It is not OK to ignore the subdued thoughts which successfully destroy you.
Get rid of the multifaceted person from your heart, mind and soul if it is still due!

You and only you can decide who and what can control you.

You and only you can judge what as per you is false and true.
Before you decide and judge see that you are free of faces and prejudice.
If some one cannot be changed with love and patience then he/she is a disease!

Prevention is better than cure and if prevention is out of hands, cure should not be delayed.

Self love and self esteem are the greatest of all virtues which should never be marred.
Do not succumb to the multiple faces and become a weaker personality.
To live , adjust and to bear with the preposterous faces leads to fatality!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Eat Cake - Review

Title : Eat Cake
Author : Jeanne Ray
Number of Pages : 272
Genre: Fiction

Prologue: Ruth,a highly passionate woman whose primary motto is to see her family happy is a magician when it comes to cake. She can just conjure them in no time. Baking a cake , eating it and feeding to all near and dear is like nirvana to her. In fact when ever she is low she will imagine that she has entered in to warm fuzzy layers of the cake which instantly soothes her. She leads a normal life baking cakes every now and then much to the irritation of her diet conscious daughter.Then one fine day her husband comes back with the news that he got fired at office which makes Ruth, Ruth's mom and also the daughter get almost a panic attack . Even though she tries to act balanced in front of her man the fact that there won't be the continuous flow of money in to the house leads to forever stress. Adding to her troubles, Ruth's dad who faced a painful accident comes to stay with them which becomes awkward as Ruth's mom and dad were separated long back!

Image source : here

The characters in the book and My review: This book is like a soft warm cake, the taste of which will linger in your mouth for long. It makes every one think about their dreams - the real ones. It shows Ruth's struggle both physically and mentally when she decides to bake cakes to financially support the family. Every word in every page just holds so many natural emotions. You will feel connected to the book at so many junctures. The book will make you laugh and also feel bad once in a while. Ruth's father's character is a plethora of emotions. He can be sunny , funny and also serious! Due to his encouragement Ruth's husband thinks of taking the path he always dreams to take but never could muster enough courage. He wants to do something with ships and shipping business which scares Ruth more. This leads to the decision of baking cakes a firm one. She faces the mental dilemma of whether or not to encourage her husband. Her body language makes it clear that she is only half approving his decisions but she doesn't know how to stop him. So they drift apart a bit and become busy with their own ventures and ideas. Ruth's business becomes an instant success due to her unique cake recipes. She gets so many orders that she gets overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start! Every one is busy except her husband who wants to move away from all the business.

Ruth is not able to concentrate on her business as she feels her relationship with husband is getting damaged . The book ends very neatly when she decides to fly to Newport and meet her husband and give him assurance that she loves him! I was moved by that scene. I fell in love with many characters in the book- Ruth's daughter who is too confident and knows what she is doing, her mom who is her forever support system and even dad with whom she didn't spend much time like she did with her mother but loved him with equal intensity, the no nonsense Nurse who comes to help Ruth's father and gets amazed by Ruth's cake. She never hesitates to give honest feed back to Ruth. Ruth's perseverance, patience and passion are the three Ps I must and should cultivate in myself :) 

This is an optimistic read. We all need to escape from the daily grind and find what gives us the real nirvana. This book exactly does that. It gives you a hope that your dreams can be achieved if you really try.  This is an unput-downable book. The tone of the book is not preachy. It is tender and highly inspiring.I feel like encouraging my mom to pursue her sewing and painting interests and my hubby to pursue his secret ambition to become a cook and I also felt I should nurture my own dreams. After all we all have our secret passions which we feel are impractical!

This book is therapeutic. You need to put your self inside a Lemon bundt cake or an Apple cake with Caramel icing and savor the aroma , flavor and relish each and every bite! Yummm . The icing on the cake is all those wonderful recipes shared in the end of the book. I definitely craved for a cake once I was done with this one! Do read and let me know how you felt about it?

Loved the way Jeanne Ray writes. Planning to read one more book written by her- Julie and Romeo !

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Happy buying and happy reading :)

My rating : 4.5/ 5


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