Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Bro,

Finally time has come to write a letter to you. This task was pending from long. Wanted to write and gift the blog post to you on your birthday but the viral fever became a big hurdle : ( .I wanna tweak and say something age old, which we used to write in cards during our school days ------ I am gifting a blog post coz if I had money I would have bought a Rolex or a Harley Davidson right ;).Jokes apart, I wanted to write a blog post as it is one of the best things I can do to make a person feel special. Anyway I hope you liked my Bday card and motivational quotes calendar! I actually have sent a surprise gift but to hell with that website as it did not reach you yet. I wish it reaches you soon. I know you would have rocked your birth day and enjoyed your first b day with wife and the special holiday on August 19th which was declared in the brand new Telangana!

Coming back to this letter, I just want to say that in all these years there were many junctures when I felt protective around you. When ever you are around there is a good aura which makes me feel happy. We are not the P(Public/ Private) DA types and never expressed affection a lot to each other but I believe that we always stood for each other. I was never able to stand any outsider who commented some thing on you or taunted you. Specially when that outsider is among our relatives my blood boils :-) . I cannot handle the way you smoothly handle people and cleverly ignore them. I always give a "huge" piece of my mind to them but when ever I decide to give their shit back to them, I think of people like you and mom who are patient , wise and sensible. I know you are sensitive like me but you are not impulsive like me. That is something I always try learning from you. What ever shit life throws at you do not lose your cool. Be the same. You know that old saying which says what happens when shit hits the roof right ;)?!

 Anyway do you remember your cycle training sessions where you almost gave up teaching me? But you finally succeeded and I ultimately learnt how to ride a bicycle after thorough training sessions in the park and the police grounds. LOL. Do you remember that Tatayya (Old man) who scolded you on the road after our cycle training class as you were shouting angrily at me ? Do you remember the fight you had with seniors in SwamiDoss School- Nellore  and the way I frantically searched for you in all the classrooms? You were beating and getting beaten up at the drinking water area and I did not notice you :P I took your school bag, purposely dragged it on the muddy road and cried all my way back to home. Oh Ya! I was and am dramatic. OMG. I am laughing out loud even when I remember it now! After I reported at home angrily that I could not find you, you came home just in time saying that you found few note books and you timidly informed that your bag was missing. I still remember your startled expression when you realized that I got your bag safely to home (OK. I actually showed my anger on the bag and it was not bought so safely). This hazy memory is not a firm one, nevertheless an unforgettable one it is .I also remember how you carried me on your back on my birthday as I complained that I had sore legs. I wore a pattu- lehenga ( a silk lehenga) and that moment and the memory are still fresh in my mind. There are many such childhood memories intertwined with yours. Watching our video tapes, browsing through our old albums and hearing to our audio tapes where we read out from books, sang songs, spoke all the rubbish in a sweet accent are my favorite and most loved activities to pass the time! Doing that throws me back in time in to 90's , in to our precious childhood where every moment was sub normal then but priceless now. I suddenly remembered one of the tapes in which I was begging you to allow me to talk or sing :P. Don't know why we stopped recording the audio tapes : ( ?  We should have continued it at least till we got in to college. I cannot laugh at a joke with others, the way I laugh with you. We have a similar sense of humor though some of our cousins (read Dolly here ;-) ) believe that you are a classic joker and you can make anything and everything funny. I need to agree to this as you made me laugh during many of my disheartening moments. You are the one who persistently encouraged me to write more and always informed me about whatever writing opportunities you came across. You are the one who taught me how to create an external blog and as you know there was no looking back after that!You were one of my pillars of strength on which I can lean most of the times. I hope nothing changes that equation! 

Sometimes I wished it would have been wonderful if I had an elder or a younger sister as I can talk everything openly with her and as I can share dresses with her but I was so wrong ;-) My childhood is full of laughter , fun and joy because of you. I know we had many disagreements and fights. There were moments when we hated looking at each other but love overpowers everything. Feel like writing more but writing a letter on a blog is restricting my thoughts. I just want to say laugh on , keep the spirits high and learn when to move on. Be strong and stubborn and never succumb to others emotions. Be empathetic but don't be an emotional sponge. Be love-able but always love yourself first. Be ambitious but don't get stressed thinking about the ambitions. Be an inspiration but always try getting inspired and observing "good" in others. In simple words, be the same and never change!

Wish you all the luck and love.

Once again many happy returns of the day!
Keep Smiling,
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This is something interesting I found on FB and could nod at every point- 12 Reasons Why Your Brother Will Always Be Your Best Friend

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The fourth in the list is a letter to Your sibling (or closest relative)’.

Monday, August 11, 2014

To Mamma Pappa :)

Dear Mama Papa,

As I sit down to write you a letter I am getting puzzled as to what should I actually write. We talk frequently and discuss almost everything, so I am not able to think of the stuff I can jot in this letter. I have a treasure trove of letters due to the letter writing habit inculcated in me by you both. Cannot thank you enough for this. I still remember the long letters we used to fondly write to each other, specially mama's letters - they always brought tears in my eyes. I vividly remember an episode from BTech hostel, where even my friends read mom's letter and cried. It is funny when I think of it now but it was my birthday and I got emotional. You gifted me Norman Vincent Peale's some positive thinking book that day as I was feeling really low. Sorry mom, I don't even remember the title. I never read that book properly. With you both being my pillars of support I never really needed a Norman Vincent or a Dale Carnegie . There were friends at school and at college who used to get awed looking at the bond we share. There were many people who used to barely make the ends meet and struggled to pay even the college and hostel fee. That is when I realized how much you both would have been planning every day to give priority to us and our needs.I still remember running in to papa's open arms during my short hostel stint of intermediate and crying my heart out LOUD bringing tears in Papa's eyes. Those numerous letters in which I was addressed as Dear Afshamma , Achi, Achu- they always make me emotional. You won't believe , I have tears in my eyes even now when I am recollecting all that. I sat in the sprawled lush green lawn of Chaitanya College's hostel and cried and longed to meet you both on the weekend. Letters were read in that hostel before they were declared safe and handed over to us which irked me beyond limits. I fumed when ever I took a letter from the warden. I missed Papa badly. I missed you too mama but I think Papa and me are connected in so many ways. We are photocopies of each other. A quick glance at both of us will obviously make anyone realize that I look exactly like him. When I saw papa during the parents' visit- weekend I came to know that a STRONG man like him can also get very emotional when kids stay away from him. It was a bliss to stay with you for 6 happening years after my 4 years of long hostel life. but I know I dumped all my mood swings, frustrations , temperaments on you both. 6 years got over like they were 6 months!

I used you both as my stress busters but never really acknowledged your worries, ailments or tensions. I don't know if I can say  sorry for this coz I am sure I may repeat doing that even now though not in the same intensity :( .I know my hot hotheadedness some times scares you mom but I also know that  you are very much aware of my sensitivities which are always a counter to my aggression or angst. You always used to say - "Don't spoil the precious moments with your mama papa. Later you may repent." Yes I do repent for not counting my blessings many times but now I am trying to change and relish each day and every moment with you. I guess distance does teach you a lot ! Sorry if I gave you too many tensions during my early twenties. Sorry if I was and am not matured enough during many occasions. Your opinion matters to me. I am independent when I am not with you both. I don't even bother about others' suggestions or decisions when I decide for myself but when I am with you both I always think that with your involvement I can improvise every thing. I can't imagine a life with out you both but I know what you will reply to this. Wherever I go around the globe I will always think of mama when ever I decide to do something and whenever I react to some one and do just like her. When ever I need to organize things I will remember Papa's check list and discipline and do accordingly. When life tries to pull me down I will try to take a break and try to think what papa does when life throws challenges at him. You both work as magic to me. My life has been smooth only due to your intervention and only due to your style of leaving me on my own when you had to!

I miss you every day and every hour and I only want to say that I love you with all my heart though it will never be equal to the amount of love I get from you both. I don't know what else I can write. I am already feeling very emotional today!

I want to add two separate notes for you both.


Please take care of your health. Do not stretch your self. Take care of your knees. Self love is more important than any kind of love. It is my dream to see you fit and fine again. I pray to God every day that your pain lessens and you can walk easily like before. At this juncture please don't give value to worthless people in your life who have stooped down to such low levels that you would never be able to reach them :). You have done more than enough for your kids. I know you will not think before spending every joule of your physical and mental energy for them but they have grown up a lot now. Now you can take a break. Take rest and work towards your goals, how ever small or big they might be. Have a "me" time for sure. Have it every day and do not forget to live for your self for some time every day!

Truck loads of love,


The same note goes for you too but along with it, I just want to say- please relax and stay cool. Take a chill pill. I know work is your passion and I pray to God that you work till when ever you want to. *TOUCHWOOD*.  While most of your colleagues have retired and are resting at home, you want to continue your job which is perfectly alright as unlike many you find pleasure in your work. I wish you get success in what ever tasks you take up but do take a break once in a while. Don't travel so much that it impacts your health. Do spend more time with mom every day and do take out time and relive your young days. You were busy through out your 30s and 40s . I want you to loosen up a bit now. Of course decision is yours but my only desire is to see you more at home than in tours or camps!

Take care.
Love you always,

I always used to draw hearts in hand written letters. Hence continuing the age old practice ;)
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Meet you soon.

PS: It is so funny to say things to you which you always say to me but a role reversal is good once in a while.
Kisses and hugs,

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The third in the list is a letter to Your Parents’.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dawn of The Planet of the Apes- A memorable watch

Directed By: Matt Reeves.
Starring: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell

I did not watch rise of the planet of the apes and didn’t know even a teensy weensy bit about the movie before going to watch Dawn of the planet of the apes. Obviously I went to watch it reluctantly and was pleasantly surprised as I immensely loved the movie. Those who watched would know the history of the apes and the story line. In the first part –  Rise of the planet of the apes which was released in 2011, few scientists conduct experiments on the apes which results in a huge genetic transformation leading to a tribe of apes who are as brilliant as humans and can even speak in the human language. However there were many side effects of this experiment like the spread of simian flu, destruction of cities and destruction of human race. Many die in the after math and the apes flee to a secured place in the forest and make it their home. Dawn of the planet of the apes shows their life and ways and how horrible the situation gets when humans try to avoid the extinction of their own race and take the help of apes, who happily are living away from the ravaging San Francisco hoping against the hope that all the humans would have been dead by now!
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Story line and the performances:   It is the story of survival of the fittest, a story of good vs. bad, a story of hope, war, belief, revenge, thirst for power and much more. I am totally bowled by the seamless story of Dawn of the planet of the apes. The plot doesn’t have any major loop holes. As the movie picks up the pace you will start biting your fingers due to severe consequences. The human Jason Clarke seeks help from the leader of the apes- Caesar played by Andy Serkis who has a soft corner for humans as he is raised by one. Toby Kebbell stole the show as Koba- the ape who keeps provoking everyone to fight against humans as he is confident that humans are extremely selfish and will not think twice before destroying anyone who comes in their way.

Jason Clarke plays the role of architect Malcolm who approaches Caesar and pleads to allow him in forest so that he can restore the hydroelectric project for power, which is their last hope to restore life. Keri Russell plays his companion and Gary old man is the leader of the survivors. He did not have a big role but he did what he has to. He is more or less like Koba for the humans. The best part of the movie is that it will grab your attention because of its brilliant plot and not by its 3D or CGI effects. Needless to say the 3D effects were neat and made the movie livelier. The ape saga will make you think deep. I researched a lot and realised the movie originated from Pierre Boulle's Swiftian’s 1963 novel La Plan├Ęte des singes.
What happens after Jason visits forest? Which incident gives rise to the bizarre strife between humans and apes? Who wins the war? To know all this, you should go to theatre and must watch it in 3D. Apes holding spears and shooting rifles, apes who talk and understand English and who communicate with each other in simian sign language was all mind boggling! You get all kinds of apes just like you get all kind of humans. Blue eyes is a sensitive but rebellious son of Caesar, Ash, his cousin worships Caesar, Koba wants people to follow him, Maurice loves reading and teaches all the apes the alphabets , mostly the sentence , “Ape not kill ape.”  You have good apes and bad apes just like you have good humans and bad ones. The movie is enchanting to say the least. It is an unforgettable watch. I am amazed by how real it all felt. Only difference is that apes are replaced by humans in reality!  I declare the movie as must watch. Right now it is the top movie at the nation’s box offices with $73 million in ticket sales.

Some memorable dialogues from the movie:

  •        Caesar: “I thought apes better than humans but I realise how same we all are." 
  •           Apes do not want war.
  •           Caesar loves humans more than apes – Koba
  •           Koba: Apes not kill apes . Caesar: You are no ape.
Movie Trailer  : 


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